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Fence Repair: restore your fence

Cambridge Fence provides fence repair service and restoration for commercial and residential property owners in need of reviving their fence.

One of the biggest concerns with fence repair is determining the cause of the damage. In the instance of wind damage to a wood fence, figuring out if it was caused by a poor installation or just Mother Nature’s wrath can help you decide the full scope of the repair.

Determining the cause of the damage can help property owners possibly prevent future issues by securing the undamaged areas of fence or help make the decision of upgrading to a new wood fence, chain-link fence, or ornamental iron fence much easier.

Wood Fence Repair BeforeAfter.jpg
Fence Restoration: Reviving an Old Fence

While wood fencing is a popular choice in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, wood fencing does require maintenance to preserve the wood and maintain its original look.

Cambridge Fence provides power-washing and re-staining service to renew your tired looking fence using Wood Defender Sealant to help protect your newly restored fence.

If you need fence repair or fence restoration, call the fence makeover experts at Cambridge Fence today.

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