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Chain link fence

Cambridge Fence is here to help with your chain link fence needs. We provide chain link fencing solutions to both residential and commercial customers. We offer galvanized steel or vinyl coated chain link fencing depending on the application. For example, Cambridge Fence offers both extruded chain link (most residential applications) and thermally fused/bonded vinyl chain link (a longer lasting industrial application). We also offer the standard colors of black, brown or green with vinyl chain link fencing. 

Considering a Chain Link Fence?

If you simply want an enclosure for your property that is sturdy and provides an excellent barrier, consider chain link fencing. 

The biggest benefit to chain link fence is that it can last quite a long time without any maintenance. It provides a sturdy barrier for pets and small children, which makes it a great option for some homeowners.

Commercial Chain Link Fence.jpg
Residential Chain Link Fence.jpg
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